Study diaspora missiology at western seminary

Consider studying Diaspora Missiology at Western Seminary. Western Seminary has leading faculty relating to Diaspora Studies studies and is home to the Center for Diaspora and Relational Research as well as the Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS). Western also has as an array of other faculty with missionary experience from all around the world. Study on campus in Portland, OR or through a non-residential program that would allow you to stay in your current ministry role wherever you are throughout the world.

Global Gates

Global Gates Network seeks to reproduce disciples and churches among unreached and least-reached peoples. As a result, they consistently focus their efforts on sharing the gospel with unreached and least-reached peoples in a way that the people can understand and they seek to promote indigenous leadership, ministries, and churches to be birthed out of their organization. Global Gates is based out of NYC but is also in other urban areas around the U.S. and Canada.


last frontier global

Last Frontier Global seeks to reach the least reached and least discipled peoples as they are the last frontier of the Great Commission. Last Frontier Global exists to glorify Christ among the least-reached peoples, by taking the gospel to the unreached and training the undiscipled, with the Christ-centered Scriptures, in partnership with the global church. Specifically involved with reaching Alaskan natives in the bush and other UPGs around the world, this organization has great leadership and a vision for reaching the unreached.