Short-Term Teams Provide Exposure and Insight for Long-Term Service


Short-Term Teams

Let us facilitate your short-term team where you can connect and serve the national church who can give you insight and direction.


We partner with the national church and come alongside them to help achieve their goals. They would be delighted to serve your team on your short-term mission trip. Please consider making a long-term investment with the relationships you make.

DMI believes that service in the name of Christ compels others to ask questions related to the unconditional love given by a stranger. Can you love someone in the name of Christ, seeking to honor the God-given value they have in the image of God?

We believe that good things come out of volunteering and serving others without any expectation of anything in return. Come serve along side us as we seek to make Him known by the godly character of those who serve in Jesus’ name.


Long-Term Partnerships

DMI believers that STM teams are just the beginning. Building relationships take time and thus require long-term involvement as well. Please consider partnering with us long-term to both send as well as equip the believers that are already here.


DMI emphasizes relationship among unreached peoples. A common denominator among collectivist societies is that they are highly relational. Often they need to know the messenger before they hear the message.

Would you consider making the sacrifices that it takes to partner long-term? Whether that is advocating for a campaign, being a long-term donor, or serving in a ministry position and doing everything in your

to bear fruit for Christ and bring honor and glory to His name. If you answered yes to that sacrificial call we would love to hear from you at DMI and look forward to hearing how God is moving you to serve the nations!