Long-Term Partnerships

There are many reasons to have a long-term plan. This ensures that the focus of the Church is not on oneself but instead focused on empowering the national church in that region. Partnering with local nationals with proven character within the community allows the Church to serve with confidence. Let us help facilitate and equip individuals as well as churches to serve long-term and make a lasting impact in service to Christ.


Long Term Missionary —

We are always looking for others who seek to serve others with their lives long-term. If you are unsure about your time commitment we understand. Take a STM trip with us and pray and ask God if He would have you serve long-term. The fact still remains that long-term missionaries are few. We need many more sacrificing their lives to bring Glory to God by their love and compassion for people. Will you join us?

Adaptable and flexible
Able to adjust to new cultures
Love for the Lord
A commitment to not have a unhealthy critical spirit
Interest in new places and people
A kind and loving spirit valuing relationship and altruism.

Church Mobilizing Advocate —

We seeking someone who has the desire to visit churches and promote diaspora ministry to churches in different strategic regions. Will you take part in advocating for the Mission of God among the diaspora?

Enjoys public speaking
Humble spirit
Generous giver
Passionate about the Great Commission
Fundraising background
Video/Media Skills


Diaspora Research Assistant -

Do you enjoy visiting new places and gathering research in a new field. We are looking for diaspora research assistants who seek to gather ethnographic details on new people and cultures and their surrounding area. If this interests you let us know. Educating the Church about new people is a great start in empowering the people of God to see the need.

Research interest
Data collecting
Writing and Reading
Interest in a variety of cultures
Good with time management

Fundraiser -

We are looking for someone with fundraising skills to use for advancing the Kingdom of God. Missions requires the sacrificial giving of Christians’ time and money. Will you help us in maximizing our ministry efforts with your fundraising skills?

Fundraising background
Ability to raise funds
Organize events with Churches
Online fundraising campaigns
Great networking abilities
Passion for Great Commission