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Diaspora Missions Fund


Diaspora Missions can be traced back as early as the call of Abraham in Mission History. God called Abraham to a ‘place that he would show Him’ to a unknown land and a life of faith. Diaspora Missiology focuses on seeking to serve the immigrant with the love of Christ and to introduce the message of Christ to people who have often times never heard it before.

Additionally, urban ministry is very expensive. This is why many more are desperately needed to advocate, serve, and to give financially to help maintain ministry in these places. We seek to facilitate in helping missionaries live long-term in the cities while they serve the nations of the world as well as help to contribute to their outreach causes.

Would you consider donating to this cause? Your donations will help missionaries be sustainable long-term and fund outreach efforts. DMI believes that equipping ministries on the ground to help them thrive is the best possible way to serve the continued work in the region. Let us connect you with others who are doing good work and that you could build relationships with them so that much fruit will be produced working together for the glory of God.


Urban Cities Many diaspora peoples are moving to the cities. Visit the city to serve the nations of the world!